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MS pathology involves a complex chain of events in which different immune cell types, including autoreactive T and B cells, play a key role. While MAVENCLAD’s mechanism of action is not fully understood, its predominant effect on lymphocytes is thought to interrupt the cascade of immune events central to MS.



Reduction in Lymphocytes

Lymphocyte Recovery



MAVENCLAD has been shown to exert long-lasting effects by preferentially targeting lymphocytes and the autoimmune processes involved in MS

- Median lymphocyte counts: returned to the normal range at week 84, approximately 30 weeks (7 months) after the last dose

- 75% of lymphocyte counts: returned to the normal range by week 144, approximately 90 weeks (21 months) after the last dose


Lymphocyte recovery


Cells of the innate immune system are less affected than cells of the adaptive immune system

MAVENCLAD has an estimated terminal half-life of 23h 

* Clinical significance is unknown.

† MAVENCLAD’s predominant effect on lymphocytes may be explained by variations in the expression levels of deoxycytidine kinase (DCK) and 5'-nucleotidase (5'-NTase) between immune cell subtypes.

‡ Based on pooled population pharmacokinetic data. Drug accumulation does not occur after once daily dosing as this half-life only accounts for a small portion of the AUC.

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Demonstrated efficacy


Safety and tolerability profile



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Footnotes and references
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